Sep 01, 2023
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"Inflammaging" is a term that combines "inflammation" and "aging" and refers to the chronic, low-grade inflammation that tends to increase with age. It's believed to be a key factor in the aging process and is associated with various age-related diseases

Factors that contribute to Inflammaging

1.  Chronic Infections: Lingering chronic infections can activate the immune system and lead to inflammation. 

2. Lifestyle Factors: Poor diet, stress, lack of exercise and other unhealthy habits can contribute to chronic inflammation in the body.  Clean up your lifestyle to offset inflammation! 

3. Cellular Senescence: As we age cells can deteriorate and stop dividing and can secrete inflammatory markers.  Measures to promote autophagy such as fasting and cold plunges/saunas can be helpful to offset this. 

4. Immune System Dysregulation: As we age your body's immune system becomes less efficient in distinguishing harmful and unharmful signals leading to inflammation.

5. Dysfunctional mitochondria: Mitochondrial are the power houses is our cells and when these are not functioning optimally it can promote aging and decreased energy. There are supplements that you can take to help optimize your mitochondrial function!

6. Leaky gut: An imbalanced gut microbiome can lead to gut permeability and this barrier dysfunction can lead to inflammation.

7. Obesity: Unhealthy weight, especially fat deposition around the abdomen, contributes to an increased release of inflammatory cytokines that cause inflammation throughout the body. Maintaining a healthy weight is an important factor to prevent this. 

In the field of aging and longevity , reducing inflammation is imperative. Following an anti-inflammatory healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, proper exercise, managing stress in addition to certain vitamin supplements are the cornerstone in reducing inflammation! 

Written by: Dr. Dina Diehl