High Blood Pressure

Mar 03, 2023
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High Blood Pressure is otherwise known as Hypertension. It is important to know what are some contributing causes for hypertension and how we can adjust our lifestyle to prevent and treat it.

High blood pressure is known as the "silent killer" as some individuals are not even aware they have abnormal blood pressure. It is important to have regular doctor visits so that you can undergo proper screening and treatment. Stage I hypertension is when your blood pressure reading is greater than 130/80. The proper way to check your blood pressure is after sitting down, relaxed for 5 minutes without any recent caffeine intake, exercise, acute stress or pain.

If left untreated Hypertension can lead to heart disease, kidney impairment, heart failure and strokes. Some signs you could have untreated high blood pressure can be headaches, blurred vision, dizziness,  shortness of breath, chest pain, palpitations and fatigue to name a few. 

What contributes to Hypertension?

Insulin resistance/ Prediabetes


Inflammatory/Processed food diet

Stress and lack of exercise

Untreated sleep apnea

Magnesium deficiency/Omega-3 deficiency

Heavy metal toxicity



Certain medications and over the counter supplements

What can you do to improve your blood pressure?

Reduce inflammation by decreasing processed food intake

Eat a plant rich diet that is high in fiber 

Increasing omega-3's in the diet ( such as wild caught salmon, herring, mackerel)

Limit carbohydrate and sugar intake to improve insulin resistance and prediabetes

Limit alcohol/caffeine intake

Limit salt intake found in processed foods  

Ensure adequate sleep by following proper sleep hygiene

Stress management and incorporating meditation and other stress relieving measures

Regular exercise routine aiming for 30 minutes 5 days a week ( can decrease cardiovascular risk by 30% and lower blood pressure 4-9 points)

What are some supplements that can be beneficial?

Quality multi-vitamin

Magnesium biglycinate or Magnesium citrate

Omega-3 fish oils

B complex 

Vitamin D

Coenzyme Q 10